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The Pond.

Fishing, Boating, Zip Line, Swimming. Enjoy our two acre farm pond that's teeming with catfish, koi, bass and a variety of other fish. Zip line off the mountain or play in our boats. Paddle, swim, fish and zip line until your heart is content.

The Shooting Range.

Long guns, pistols, archery and much more! It's your get-away, you decide how much or how little, you choose to use our shooting area.

The Cabin.

Designed by Pappy, our secluded cabin in the woods offers quiet solitude away from the burdens of technology and the hustle and bustle of every day life. Furnished in antiques collected from around the country, we offer a simple solution for a relaxing escape.

The Forest.

Surrounding our retreat is 77 acres of private and pristine woodland area full of wildlife. From deer to squirrel, you will be among the beauty of nature while hiking several miles of wilderness trails.

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Read some of our guest book reviews.

...was looking on the internet for a place to have a family reunion and birthday celebration in Aug 2017.  that was close to the Hatfield and McCoy Trails near my home in Camp Creek, W.V.   I came across Pappy,s Cabin At The Pond and booked it by reading the high remarks from others whom have rented this Cabin.  My expectations was good but when we arrived at the Cabin it was a site for sore eyes,  I mean it was beyond my wildest dreams of what it looked like and the setting of the area was just unbelievable ,,,,,,no noise what so ever except a fly over of an aircraft  and the sounds of the Wild,  Turkey, Deer, Crow, Hawk, Ground Squirels , Birdes, etc; .   We had approximately 38 folks show up and they were amazed that this Cabin existed in their area.  Talking about fun,  the young ones had so much fun on the zip line and slide at the pond that they were refusing to quit,   so the parents took a cup of coffee and stayed there until the kids were exhausted.    The zip line fun ended when the children challenged me to go off zip which I did with a big splash of a 73 year old ending day of fun at the pond.    Now it is evening and the kids had to have Hot Dogs and Marsh Mallows at the fire pit while the adults had Ham Burger, Elk Steaks and Elk Ham Burger with every salad know to man and cake , pies for desert.  My family had great time seeing who was best shot at the range,  I honestly don't know who was  best for there will be arguments for sure ,Ha Ha.  Now it is closing time for us to leave and Paul came to say goodbye to us and I told him he has a Gold Mine Here.  Paul is a man of man extremely well liked and provided everything for us because he wanted to make sure his visitors leave with the best experience of his Cabin.    WOULD I REFER THIS PLACE...     Let Me put it this way,  if I did not live in Germany I would volunteerly cut the grass at that Cabin free just to take a break on the front porch and look to my left and see wild turkey's and Deer feeding and look straight ahead at the pond with occasional fish jumping for flies on top of water,  this is how much I liked the place called Pappy's Cabin At The Pond.

Glenn R.

As we embark on this journey back home to Florida I'm reflecting on our amazing experience at Pappy's Cabin. Our kids had the most memorable time of their lives and really got a dose of what childhood should be like. Having no cell coverage was the best thing we could've asked for. Everyone played outside and got a chance to unplug and break free from the chaos that is life. We loved sitting on the front porch in the morning with coffee and watching the chipmunks, birds, deer, turkey, raccoon and other critters have their breakfast. I also had my very first experience swimming in a lake. The zip line was so much fun and we got some great photos. The shooting range was pretty awesome too. There aren't many places at home to shoot outdoors and it was very cool. Paul (Pappy) was so accommodating and welcoming. He even taught us all about bee keeping and let me tend to his hives with him (don't worry though- the hive is down the road; not at the cabin) . My favorite souvenir is my jar of honey. We originally booked this trip so that we could take our new toys out to Hatfield McCoy. We were so busy enjoying the cabin and the trails down the block that we didn't even go to Hatfield McCoy. Paul introduced us to a man named Joey who gave us a trail tour all through the mountains, which was phenomenal! I could go on and on about this trip , but I won't. If you're on the fence about booking the cabin please let this be your sign- BOOK IT! You won't regret it. The memories made here will forever be some of the best times my family has ever had and we are truly grateful for this little piece of heaven on earth. We will be back Pappy, don't you worry! See you next year!

Michelle P.

This is a wonderful place. I would love to live here and pass the time fishing, painting, reading, hunting fossils, and just plain old enjoy. Love it.