Call 304-687-5985

Rental Fees

$200.00 Minimum Rental Deposit

$200.00 Per-Night, 2 Night ($400) Minimum.

$1400.00 per 7 Day Rental.

* Price is for (4) four people, each additional person, $15.00 per-person, per-night. Tent camping available, per-person fee applies.

* If you plan to pay “on-site”, upon arrival, please use CASH ONLY.

If you have any questions call Pappy at:

Step-by-Step Instructions for making reservations:

1. Make your reservations by calling Pappy at: 304-687-5985

2. Once you have reserved the Cabin, fill out the WAIVER FORM. The waiver form is for the CABIN ONLY! You DO NOT need this waiver form for any of the other properties. Must be signed and returned by U.S. mail immediately upon making reservations.

3. Mail the waiver form to:
Mailing Address:
Paul J Gillispie
PO BOX 56 Madison, WV 25130