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Fishing with the kids at Pappy's Cabin and Pond!

Fishing with the kids at Pappy’s Cabin and Pond!

Family fun on the pond!

Family fun on the pond!

Our pond is a 400 foot body of water with a 40 foot boat dock and two boats. One boat is a paddle boat for leisure and laid back fun while the other boat is a row boat for fishing and exercise. Your group will be the only ones in the water!

Speaking of water, the pond is full of fish. Bluegill, Large Mouth Bass, Catfish, Koi and Goldfish populate it’s depths. All the fishing you would like to do. Kids have a ball here! Catch and release only please so that others may enjoy the next catch! Pappy’s Pond is the perfect place to practice your Fly Fishing. With plenty of area to practice and lots of fish to be caught, what more could the fly fisherman ask for? Did we mention, your group will be the only folks on the water?

Over the pond, you’ll find a zip-line that starts up in the woods and ends in the water. Kids love it! The water is 15 feet deep under the zip line. There’s a home made 35 foot slide down the hill and into the water. You can play, swim or just float around in the pond. And did I mention, you’ll have the entire pond all to yourselves?


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